Devices design software development education kits cables programming hardware intellectual property device support home support devices altera. Device definition a thing made for a particular purpose an invention or contrivance rhetorical devices 5 something elaborately or fancifully designed 6. Translations of device device synonyms leave to one s own devices to allow to do as one pleases left the child to her own devices for an hour in the afternoon. 1 in general a device is a machine designed for a purpose in a general context a computer can be considered a device 2 in the context of computer techno. Synonyms for devices at thesaurus com with free online thesaurus antonyms and definitions dictionary and word of the day.

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Device definition, a thing made for a particular purpose; an invention or contrivance, ... rhetorical devices. 5. something elaborately or fancifully designed. 6.

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Translations of device. device synonyms, ... leave to (one's) own devices. To allow to do as one pleases: left the child to her own devices for an hour in the afternoon.

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1 In general a device is a machine designed for a purpose In a general context a computer can be considered a device 2 In the context of computer techno...

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Nokia revealed Three new Lumia devices at Microsoft Build 2014

Nokia at Build conference announced three new Lumia smartphones with Windows Phone 8.1, boasting a wealth of exclusive Nokia features, and the exciting new Lumia 2014 colour palette of bright orange, bright green, bright yellow, and black and white. The Nokia 630 is a Windows Phone 8.1 handset that will come in both single and dual-SIM configurations. […]

More employees using personal devices for work

Many staff allowed to use their own smartphones or tablets in the workplace without adequate security New research shows that more and more businesses are allowing their employees to work from home, with only 2% of workers across all sectors reporting that their company doesn’t allow it. However, findings also show that whilst many companies […]

PlayStation Suite to hit non-Sony Android devices

Sony may finally be loosening up its grip on the PlayStation suite platform. Currently, the platform is only available to Sony-branded Android devices, including the Sony Ericsson Xperia Play, Sony Tablet S and Sony Tablet P. In an interview at the AsiaD conference, Sony Computer Entertainment Chairman Kaz Hirai confirmed that the company was working […]

Sony could shift to focus about higher-end devices

We had earlier learned which HTC is prepared to step up their game moving into the brand-new year, plus it looks like another smartphone creator can be doing anything synonymous. The additional business is Sony Mobile plus according to latest statements from Stephen Sneeden, Sony Mobile is seeking to become a “premium smartphone provider.” For […]

Are pills today disposable processing devices?

So, it occurred like this. It always basically arises like this. Rewind regarding a month ago. Me: “Honey, I really got inside the modern <insert product name here> pill I ordered to review about ZDNet. Do we wish the <insert product name here> which I was utilizing before? I’m going to travel with all the unique […]