Apple s new ipad air 2 is finally official and despite it not being much of a surprise the device is still really impressive it s thinner sports an optically. Discover the world of ipad introducing ipad air 2 and the ipad mini 3 compare ipad models and find accessories. Shop best buy for apple ipads including the new ipad and popular models like the ipad mini ipad air and ipad with retina display shop for ipad accessories too. Shop ipad air 2 ipad mini 3 ipad air ipad mini 2 or ipad mini order from the apple online store and get fast free shipping. Ipad is an ios based line of tablet computers designed and marketed by apple inc the first ipad was released on april 3 2010 the most recent ipad.

Ipad Air 2 Unboxing Thinner

Apple’s new iPad Air 2 is finally official and, despite it not being much of a surprise, the device is still really impressive. It’s thinner, sports an optically ...


Apple Ipad

Discover the world of iPad. Introducing iPad Air 2 and the iPad mini 3. Compare iPad models and find accessories.


Ipad New Apple Ipad Ipad

Shop Best Buy for Apple iPads, including the new iPad and popular models like the iPad Mini, iPad Air, and iPad with Retina Display. Shop for iPad accessories too!


Ipad New Ipad Air 2

Shop iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3, iPad Air, iPad mini 2, or iPad mini. Order from the Apple Online Store and get fast, free shipping.


Ipad Wikipedia The Free Encyclopedia

iPad is an iOS -based line of tablet computers designed and marketed by Apple Inc.. The first iPad was released on April 3, 2010; the most recent iPad ...

Xiaomi MiPad launched with Tegra K1 inside

Xiaomi, the name you may be not familiar with it.  But inspite of that this Chinese tech brand launch Tablet Xiaomi MiPad powered by Tegra k1 by Nvidia. According to Reports which claimed that Nvidia tegra K1 beat snapdragon 801 chipset with margins. On 15th May, Xiaomi launched MiPad for Chinese markets at CNY 1499 […]

iPad 3 – thicker?

With nVidia Tegra 3 being the hot subject of these days Apple really needs to make us fall in love with the iPad 3. There have been rumors since the summer of 2012 and we love getting them from “trusted sources within Apple supplier’s chain”. The main concern Apple has is making the device if […]

iPad garners almost 90% of tablet web traffic globally

Even with all the steadily surging amount of tablet competition out there as of recent, Apple’s iPad has managed to snag almost 90% of global web traffic for tablets. According to a just released report from the Royal Pingdom, The iPad has reached 87.6% of all global tablet web traffic. Now that’s something that any […]

Apple iPad – it’s all about the apps

Forget about the specs that are proudly shown on Apple’s website: the iPad is all about the apps. Without the App Store it wouldn’t have a purpose. Try to imagine that: a 9.7″ tablet that can do browsing, music and video. That would truly be just like a bigger iPod. And before you mention the […]

Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch released

Google has released its official Gmail app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, promising faster access to messages, better visibility of important emails, and a UI that’s designed from the ground up for a touch interface. As expected, the app supports push notifications and sounds, along with full inbox search, and on the iPad there’s […]

Top 5 Free iPad RSS readers

The iPad is a great eBook reader, no denying about that, but it is also a good RSS reader thanks to the hundred of apps in the App Store. And in that bunch of apps there are 5 which I believe are the best. Here they are in reverse order: 5. MobileRSS This app can […]

Top 5 Free iPad Games

Perhaps one of the most interesting part of reviewing an iPad is finding out what games look and feel good on its 9.7″ screen. It is more rewarding when you find free apps that are absolutely stunning. Here’s my top 5 5. CK Zombies Zombies have really taken over the world in 2011, at leas […]