Turn your Amazon Echo Dot into the supreme nightstand device – DailyGadgets

Turn your Amazon Echo Dot into the supreme nightstand device – DailyGadgets
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Amazon’s voice-activated Echo Dot has actually made legions of fans, providing almost all the abilities of the bigger Echo for approximately half the expense. Call it “Alexa for less.”

Due to the fact that it can couple with a wired or Bluetooth speaker, you may believe it’s finest fit to a den or living space, someplace where you consistently settle back and pay attention to music. However I believe that Dot should have a house in the bed room, right on your nightstand.

Think About: It’s an alarm clock. It’s a weather condition forecaster. It’s a white-noise device and a great deal more. Here’s a list of methods to turn your Echo Dot into the supreme bedside buddy.

Alexa, read me a story

This is the very first of a number of suggestions focused on assisting you wander off to sleep. And exactly what could be much better than paying attention to a terrific bedtime story?

Great news: Amazon owns Audible. That implies Amazon’s Dot speaker can play any books in your Audible library– total with a sleep timer so it immediately turns off after a particular amount of time.

So, for instance, let’s state you wish to pay attention to the Pearl S. Dollar timeless “The Great Earth” (an individual favorite). Presuming it’s currently in your Audible library, you would state, “Alexa, checked out ‘The Great Earth.'” (You may have to add “from Audible,” however just if Alexa appears to have problem finding your chosen title.)

From there you can include, “Alexa, set a sleep timer for X minutes.”

Not into books? Alexa can likewise play podcasts from TuneIn. Example: “Alexa, play the program Battlestar Recaptica.”

Alexa, let’s meditate

If you’re anything like me, you have to switch off your brain in the evening. And for me, the very best method to do that without a doubt is with a assisted meditation

Amazon provides a great deal of Echo-friendly assisted meditations as part of its Prime Music library.

Screenshot by Rick Broida/DailyGadgets.

Presuming you’re currently an Amazon Prime customer, you’ll discover lots of meditations you can include ideal to your library– consisting of a minimum of one created to assist you go to sleep. (Not a Prime customer? Here’s a 45- minute sleep meditation priced at simply 99 cents.)

As soon as you have actually included that or another meditation to your library, now it’s a simple of matter of stating, “Alexa, play Guided Meditation for Restful Sleep,” or whatever the title of the audio is.

Alexa, provide me some white sound

Some folks discover white sound (or some variation of it) the very best sleep help of all. Similar to meditations, you can discover “sleeping noises” that are complimentary to contribute to your library as part of your Prime membership.

Nevertheless, it may take some experimentation to obtain Alexa to play a specific track. For instance, I included the very first track from “Thunderstorms & Rain” to my library, however Alexa didn’t appear able to play it by name. A minimum of, when I stated, “Play ‘Relaxing Rain Impacts,'” it played just a sample from a various album. Rather, I needed to state more of the prolonged title: “Play ‘Relaxing Rain Impacts and Remote Thunder Showers.'”

Alexa, set an alarm

Here’s a no-brainer: Utilize the Echo Dot as your alarm clock. Simply state, “Alexa, set an alarm for 6 a.m.,” and you’re done. (You can likewise place the word “duplicating” if you wish to get up the very same time every day.)

Screenshot by Rick Broida/DailyGadgets.

The default alarm is an enjoyable sufficient noise, however Amazon provides you a large range of options– consisting of the voices of some stars! (Alec Baldwin, anybody?) To browse and pick a brand-new noise, open the Alexa app, tap Menu, then Timers & Alarms Tap Alarms, then Manage alarm volume and default noise Lastly, tap Alarm Default Noise to see the list of offered alternatives. (The appropriately called Nightstand will provide you an old-school alarm clock ring.)

Alexa, wake me up with the news

Alarms are all well and good, however would you choose your Echo Dot to wake you approximately, state, NPR or your preferred early morning radio station?

You can, thanks to a relatively current upgrade that includes music to Alexa’s alarm abilities Simply state, “Alexa, wake me up at 6 a.m. to [song, artist, radio station, etc.].”

My suggestions: Select a station, not a tune. Due to the fact that any cherished tune you pick, you’ll undoubtedly dislike after a couple of early mornings of it waking you up.

Alexa, wake me up with the lights

Research studies have actually revealed that it’s far better to get up to steady light than to a blasting alarm. And as you might understand, the Echo deals with a range of smart-home lighting systems and switches, consisting of the Belkin Insight Change and Philips Shade.

Light bulb! No, seriously– if you set something like a Lifx bulb with your Echo Dot, you can utilize an IFTTT dish to make that bulb slowly light up when it’s time to get up.

There are other dishes that work likewise with other items, and you might constantly formulate among your very own also.

Alexa, imitate a clock radio

This iHome dock for Dots includes a clock and speaker.

Tyler Lizenby/DailyGadgets.

If you discover yourself wanting your Dot had actually a clock connected, there are at least 2 items that will require you. The iHome iAVS1 is basically a clock-shaped dock that provides the dock a digital clock face and much better sound quality. It playings around $50

Simply desire the clock part? The Znewtech LED Clock for 2nd-gen Echo Dot provides you that and an alarm; the Dot tucks inside to produce something that appears like a beautiful basic clock radio. It costs around $28

Alexa, use something great


Offer your Dot the appearance of bamboo with this real-wood skin from Toast.


That little white or black hockey puck might not be the ideal match for your bed room design. Thankfully, you can dress it up with numerous sort of skins.

For instance, Toast provides a range of real-wood sheaths that can seriously enhance your Dot’s look. They’re offered in 4 various designs, suitable with all 2nd-gen Dots and priced at $19 each.

Browse Amazon for “Echo Dot skin,” on the other hand, and you’ll discover a variety of vinyl decals, the majority of them in the $10-15 variety.

Have you discovered other cool methods to make your Echo Dot an useful bedside buddy? Share them in the remarks!

Editors’ note: This post was initially released on May 4, 2016, and has actually considering that been upgraded with brand-new info.

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